This is a fun way to recycle/reuse all those plastic shopping bags. This type of kite is called a sled kite -  you can really fly it!

What you will need:
Download, print and cut out  this Kite template. Tape its two pieces together.
1 plastic bag - make sure the template fits on it.
6 straws - you want the straight kind NOT bendies.
clear tape
duct tape
string - fishing line is great for this project
hole punch
What you will do:
Cut the bottom off your shopping bag, line the template up to a fold on the bag. Use a marker to trace the template, then cut out the kite and the vent in the center.
Join two straws by pushing the end of one straw into another, then tape the straws as shown (look on your template), using three pieces of clear tape on each straw.
Put a tab of duct tape on each side of the kite, punch a hole through each of the duct tape tabs.
Tie each end of a 6 foot string to the holes (this is the bridle ).
Now tie a loop in the center of the bridle.
Flying your kite:
Test fly your kite by holding the loop in the bridle and running, hold your hand high and the kite should follow along behind you.                         To fly higher, tie a long string to the loop in the bridle.