This craft is inspired by the Victorian tradition of hanging gilded walnuts with a special fortune tucked inside. When friends and family come calling for the holidays - have them chose a walnut to crack apart, revealing your best wishes and thankful thoughts.

What you will need:
Sharp knife
Butter knife or skewer
Gold paint
1/8-inch-wide ribbon

What you will do:
This is definately a job for grown-ups.
Cracking walnuts open perfectly in half is not so easy, so be prepared for some broken shells. Pick walnuts that have a space you can see at the top, slide the tip of the sharp knife into the top of the shell, and twist the blade so that the nut begins to split. Continue to push the knife gently into the seam until you can cleanly break the halves apart. That said, if your nut breaks in such a way that you can still fit your wish inside, use it. The two pieces usually fit back together so perfectly no one would know it wasn't a clean break.
Now let the kids clean the meat out of the shells with a butter knife or a skewer.

Paint the outside of the shells gold (or whatever color they want) and set them aside to dry.

Write hopes and wishes for the holidays or the new year on small strips of paper, roll them into little scrolls, and tie them with some ribbon.
For each hanger cut a 4 - 5 inch lenght of ribbon,and glue it to the top inside edge (in the center) of a shell half. Place the scroll inside and glue the halves back together with a thin smear of glue. Firmly press the the walnut halves together for 15 to 20 seconds, then allow to dry completely before hanging the ornament on the tree

Guests can break open the walnuts with a nutcracker or a hammer!